Radical Righteous Love is the homepage for Charley Earp – a philosopher, minister, activist, and earthling. This website will eventually incorporate two previous blogs and in the time being, link directly to them

My philosophy is centered on a vision of an eightfold revolution encompassing politics, economics, gender, anti-racism, radical peace, ecological wholeness, sexual emancipation, and communal spirituality. This vision is political, religious, and radical and envisions a global communism of love as its fulfillment.

As a minister, I’m a candidate for fellowship in the Unitarian Universalist Association¬†as well as a practicing Quaker. I’ll graduate from Meadville Lombard Theological School in May of 2018. My calling is to become an urban parish minister in radical solidarity with the oppressed and suffering. I preach and teach the eightfold revolution of love as a path for congregations and organizations to serve the world, build communities of caring, and engage with the transformation of our world.


My email is charleyearp@uuma.org