(Originally written July 22, 2019 on my Facebook profile. Reblogged here with minor edits. Thoughts on “actually existing” Communism and the “no true Scotsman objection from those who insist that those failed attempts at communism weren’t really communism. Here’s the thing about “No True Scotsman.” Everyone uses terminologies for ideological systems, but there is a […]


May We Find Our Revolutionary Courage

On my mind in the wee hours: How can humanity avert the looming ecocide – the collapse of the very systems that allow us to feed ourselves? Without the ability to produce food at a global scale, we are doomed. This is only one leading sign of the crises at hand. The main possibility that […]

Love’s Resurrection

“Jesus of Nazareth was a free man in his own life, who attracted followers and created enemies according to the dynamics of personality and in a manner comparable to the effect of other liberated persons in history upon people about them. He died as a result of the threat that such a free man poses […]

The Revolutionary Jesus

A summary of my current understanding of Jesus is that he made possible the downfall of Roman imperialism using the traditions of Judaism as a source for a revolutionary social ethic and a liberating community. This is expressed most succinctly in the third gospel (“Luke”): “The poor are favored, because the divine government will belong […]


(I created the first version of this essay in September of 2012. This update is a re-affirmation of the original, while also revising and extending some of the original wording, as well as making it more suitable for a sermon.) Emma Goldman, historic anarchist writer, is supposed to have said something along the lines of, “If I can’t dance, […]